Chittorgarh Fort History

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 The Chittorgarh Fort is the largest fort in India. From the 8th century to the 16th Chittor fort was the capital of the Rajput state of Mewar. It is formerly called Chitrakut. It is said to have been built by the local Maurya ruler Chitrangada Maurya. This fort is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.

It lies in an upland region on a tributary of the Banas River, about 65 miles (100 km) northeast of Udaipur. It located in the southern part of the state of Rajasthan, where where National Highways No. 76 & 79 intersect.


Question #1: When was chittorgarh fort built?
Answer: Built in 7th century AD. 

Question #2: Who built chittorgarh fort?
Answer: It is built by the local Maurya ruler Chitrangada Maurya.